Our 10 Point Guarantee

1) We guarantee to deliver profitable results, and that you’ll be able to “cover your investment” in our services from your business within 90 Days working with you!*

Our Exponential Growth System has been tested and proven all over the world, so when you invest with us, you WILL get profitable results. We’re confident that we can consistently increase your sales and improve your profitability. If for any reason, we fail to deliver at least a 10% increase in revenue, even though you diligently follow all our systems then you can request double your investment back…no questions asked.

*this applies to managed services only. Contact our team for our money back guarantee on our other services.


2) We guarantee to provide world-class customer service and support as we perform as your outsourced sales growth & profit improvement partner.

When you partner with us we focus on building systematic, strategic processes designed to deliver a predictable, steady and sustainable flow of customers as well as boost profitability. As your sales & profit improvement partner you will gain the benefit of having a team of MBA educated, experienced business growth specialists who will work diligently to ensure that every action they take combined with all the efforts you make, and every opportunity you decide to pursue will give you the highest increase of results in sales and profits.


3) We guarantee complete confidentiality.

We guarantee to keep our business relationship with your company completely confidential during the time we work together as well as afterwards. We serve as your private army for protecting and boosting your profits. So, it is very important to us that your business operational information, business processes, and systems we advise you on or implement for you to deliver results are held confidential to avoid your competitors gaining any sales benefit from what you have invested with us to provide for YOU.


4) We guarantee to provide customized solutions for your company’s unique situation.

Your company challenges and situation is unique and therefore there are no cookie cutter solutions. Since you are relying on our experience and expertise in working with businesses of all kinds, you can be assured you will have a clear action plan on how and why our efforts, as well as yours, will effectively boost the profits of your company while working with us.


5) We guarantee the implementation of a system designed, tested and proven to multiply profits in your business.

Our Exponential Growth System has been designed and built around a system that has been implemented and tested for over 30 years by such companies as IBM and Dell and regularly utilized by over 2100 professional consultants around the world to deliver profitable results of over hundreds of millions of dollars for companies just like yours.


6) We guarantee to effectively work with you to strategically implement those systems properly to deliver profitable results on an ongoing basis.

Our focus is on effective implementation of the proper business growth systems for your situation required to quickly generate a consistent flow of new customers, sales, and profitable results. We DO NOT provide you with more ideas or information you can maybe find on a search engine. It’s already proven that more information and ideas without the necessary time or proper implementation will be useless to your company. We specialize in effective and necessary step-by-step implementation.


7) We guarantee you an exponential business growth formula of how your business effectively works and how to successfully grow your company as large as you want it to be.

We will guide you in applying your new knowledge of the exponential growth formula to utilize proven systems and strategies that turns that which was once wasted into profits, leverage and optimize hidden assets to generate sales and see opportunities where none was seen before to unlock the true growth potential of your company.


8) We guarantee to help you properly track your results to ensure your company is positioned to grow exponentially.

We implement systems to measure and track the results of the new strategies for your business growth weekly to analyze your growth trajectory. We strongly follow the fact that measurement can improve everything and that by simply knowing your core sales numbers and improving upon them can easily and quickly generate a consistent flow of new profits.


9) We guarantee to create multiple visible and invisible advantages that positions your company as the obvious choice in your marketplace.

We will implement specific strategies and systems to ensure our clients are positioned as the obvious choice in their prospects and customer’s mind.  Our number one focus is to generate a consistent flow of customers and profits because of your visible and invisible competitive advantages over your competitors in your marketplace!


10) We guarantee double your money back if you don’t make at least 100% ROI of the investment you make with us during the lifetime of your business.

It is our number one priority that the investment in our services never hurts your company’s financial position, but instead, enhances your company’s ability to generate more sales on an ongoing basis and increased profitability each year. It is for this reason, that if you do not make at least 100% ROI on your investment with us from our strategies and tactics implemented during the lifetime of your business after working with us, then we will return double your investment with us…no questions asked.

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