How To Attract More Ideal Customers

Imagine only talking to those ideal customers — the people that you want most as your customers and will most likely buy from you again and again.

The secret to attracting new ideal customers or to even reconnect with old customers is to connect with them on an emotional level.

You need to go DEEP and get to the bottom of your customer’s irrational fears and deepest desires.

Without your ideal customer avatar your marketing will be generic and ineffective.

Most business owners define their target market to broad or general such as “small business owners” or “parents with kids” or “married couples”. They fail to drill down to one specific person and it rarely goes deep into the psychology of the customer.

This is vital if you want to sell anything effectively.

You’ve heard this before — if you try to attract everybody, your business attracts no one.

This is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from your competition because guess what? Most small business owners don’t take the time to do this.

What Is A Customer Avatar?

A customer avatar is an individual with a name, a picture and specific demographic and other characteristics. You are describing your target market, the people that you want most as your customers.

You’ve taken the time to get into the minds of your consumers and have identified their pain points, fears, frustrations, desires and dreams.

You can start by answering the following key questions:

1. What are the demographics? (ie age, gender, marital status etc)
2. What are your customer’s fears/concerns/worries?
3. What do your customers need help with most?
4. What are your customer’s values and beliefs?
5. What are the end results your customer is seeking to gain?

Here is an example of well-defined customer avatar profile:

“My avatar can be defined as Cindy who is 36 years old, married and is a mother of 2 children. She has an online business with 2 employees and is currently making $85,000 annually. She is worried about how to attract more prospects cost effectively and concerned that not enough prospects are aware of her brand. She has been looking to grow her business for months now, but she doesn’t know what the next step is in order to expand. She needs marketing help to grow her business successfully online and sell her expertise to a global market. Her small business is her sole source of income but she wants to start scaling her business, double her sales and hire more staff so she can start to travel the world more often and spend more quality time with her family.”

Now It’s Your Turn…

Step 1 – Answer the 5 key questions stated above.

Step 2 – Create your own customer avatar profile. Be as specific as possible.

When customers feel YOU understand them better than they understand themselves, you’ve established a deep level of trust. This is the key to building a long-term, sustainable business.

Take action right now…take 30 minutes today and create your own ideal customer avatar profile.

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