Are We A Good Fit?

It’s important to ensure that our relationship is a good fit, from the start!


Every client is unique, and each solution requires a different approach.

Here are some common characteristics of the clients we serve. These will help you determine if MentureME & Associates  is right for you.

1) You are serious about growing your company and ready to take action immediately. 

2) You already have a solid business delivering quality products/services to the marketplace for over 5 years that you stand behind 100%.

3) You are currently generating over $500,000 in yearly revenue (we work best with companies generating 6 or 7 figures)

4) You can accommodate a minimum of 10% in sales growth without negatively affecting your quality of product or service.

5) You can handle a steady increase in sales volume within the next 30 days.

6) You currently have an advertising/marketing budget for sales growth equivalent to about 10% of your yearly revenue.

7) You are the owner/decision maker of the company who understands that the notion of “I can do it myself” leads to far more heartache and unnecessary struggle/failure.

8) You are savvy in your understanding of the importance of leveraging other people’s efforts (OPE), other people’s ideas (OPI), other people’s skills and knowledge (OPSK) and other people’s resources and relationships (OPRR) to easily attract more of other people’s money (OPM) into your bank account.

9) You understand that any investment in our services is based upon the value of the results we deliver and we stand behind our results with a 100% money back guarantee!

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We deliver more customers and boost your profits…Guaranteed!

A simple 10 minute NO obligation, hassle-free call can put you on the path to accelerate sales and profit growth starting today.

Call us at 1-800-997-4345 or email us: to schedule your call!

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