Managed Services

Your Outsourced Business Growth Partner To Increase Sales & Profits


What if you could have a full fledged marketing and sales department on tap, on call 24/7 when you needed it at a fraction of the cost?

Imagine the possibilities, savings and ROI!


Our Solution To Deliver Results


– We operate as your virtual profit improvement partner at ½ to ¾ the cost of traditional employee solutions.

– We offer a tested and proven business growth system that delivers profitable results.

– We implement a systematic approach to finding and leveraging hidden growth opportunities already existing within your company and use them to produce new revenue streams and increased sales.

– We focus on 3 key areas to optimize and exponentially grow your profits.

1.  Consistently attract new qualified leads.

2. Effectively increase all conversion rates affecting sales.

3. Increase your average client value to drive overall profitability.


Some Key Areas On How We Deliver Results:


  • Optimization of profit opportunities from existing customer base.
  • Enhance the amount and frequency of profitable referrals.
  • Optimization of your sales pipeline to convert more prospects into closed deals.
  • Promote, expand and maximize the brand awareness of your company.
  • Strategic partnerships & alliances to attract more ready to buy customers.
  • Multi channel distribution strategies to generate multiple cash flow opportunities.
  • Reduction and elimination of inefficient marketing expenses.
  • Identify additional competitive advantages to assist in sales conversions.
  • Identify and capitalize on new sales opportunities before competitors do.
  • Utilize programs to enhance loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  • Expansion of client base and revenue sources from complimentary partners.
  • Source recommendations and endorsements to position your company as the obvious choice.
  • Plus much, much more!


How Does This Work


We assign you a dedicated Profit Improvement Partner who assumes responsibility to execute the customized business growth plan, and works with our team of business growth specialists to implement it and deliver profitable results. You’ll get the benefits of our expert business growth team at a fraction cost of hiring a full time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

We work as your outsourced profit improvement partner on a virtual basis, and report on the success of your implementation on a weekly, quarterly and semi-annual basis. We also know that plans change, so we work with you to identify and adapt to opportunities as they arise.


Some Skills Of Our Business Growth Expert & Specialists


  • Targeting New and Profitable Customer Groups
  • Creation of Competitive Value Propositions
  • Active Referral Programs
  • Optimization of Sales Conversions
  • Branding To Boost Market Presence
  • Loyalty Programs to Enhance Repeat Sales
  • Formation of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
  • Expansion of Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Reduction of Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • Strategic Advertising and Reduction of Advertising Costs
  • Improving The Profitability of Customer Base
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Formation of Host/Beneficiary Relationships
  • Form Advantages of Scale, Scope or Speed
  • Expansion of Current Client Base Through Market Sector Development
  • Gaining Entry into Emerging Markets
  • Securing Recommendations and Endorsements from Market Influencers
  • Plus much, much more!

Who Benefits Most From Our Managed Services? It’s time to call us when:


  • There is insufficient budget to hire an in-house marketing department of 3+ people.
  • You feel that your current marketing and advertising efforts are not delivering profitable results.
  • You need an outside perspective on which business growth strategies and tactics to use that will deliver profitable results.
  • You need a more strategic team to implement marketing systems that deliver positive results.
  • You need a multi channel distribution system that will bring in new sources of revenue that will help you achieve your growth goals.


So why hire and manage an entire team when you can plug into our existing business growth system that generates more leads and increases sales and profits… Guaranteed!

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We deliver more customers and boost your profits…Guaranteed!

A simple 10 minute NO obligation, hassle-free call can put you on the path to accelerate sales and profit growth starting today.

Call us at 1-800-997-4345 or email us: to schedule your call!

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