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“How A Bookkeeper Increased Monthly Revenues By 380% In 7 Months”

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How A Financial Services Company Boosted Revenues By 234% In Less Than 12 Months

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“It was so refreshing to see a company who would only collect fees if they actually MADE you more money. No one offers that kind of guarantee.  I can quite literally say my business has grown tremendously because of MentureME’s help and connections. I’d definitely recommend any business owner to work with the team at MentureME.”

CEO - Doula Agency

“My company is pleased and impressed with both the methodology and personal care we got from MentureME Inc. They enabled us to define and optimize our business processes to align with our company goals and position us for future growth with comprehensive analysis and recommendation. I highly recommend MentureME Inc as a trusted partner.”

CEO - Lead Generation Company

“MentureME & Assoiciates are excellent sales improvement advisors as their advice is practical, easy to implement and innovative. The system for sales growth is unique and comprehensive, ensuring you get the results you are after. Their team will do anything to support your growth and I highly recommend you speak with MentureME & Associates”

Founder - Marriage Transformation Agency

“Working with MentureME Inc has brought my business to the next level!  I would recommend MentureME to other entrepreneurs who are looking to take big leaps in business! Lindsay and Stephen will challenge you to think differently about your business in order to deliver better results while developing your brand to be the best it can be!”

CEO - Social Media Agency

“My business was doing well. I had prospects, clients, and sales. MentureME gave me the structure and accountability to work on my business and not just in my business. I have a clearer vision now and a better ability to communicate my value to my target market. I would recommend MentureME to any business that wants to bring themselves to a higher level.”

Owner - Financial and Wealth Company

““MentureME & Associates has helped me to see the value of each of my clients, how to leverage my clients to build my practice and how to target the right market for my ideal clients. I would recommend MentureME to other business owners who are looking to market to the right people, and who are ready to take their business to the next level.””

CEO - Business Management Services Company

“The MentureME team is confident, knowledgeable and positive. My biggest breakthrough to help grow my business was when they helped narrow down my target group and figured out how to attract my ideal clients. I would recommend other business owners to MentureME & Associates”

CEO - Event Planning Company


“Income doubles in 30 days! It’s extremely hard to take anybody’s suggestions, particularly when I’m doing over $30,000 every month. Yet, I was persuaded to attempt a little change in my marketing. By making one little change in our selling process, we went from $36,000 per month to over $68,000 the following month. Amazing”


“Business was dead for a long time. Now flourishing again after a stand out week! Our business was suffering and I was going to file bankruptcy. Through reactivating my past clients, I generated $10,000 in new business in one week and a reliable $1,000 a day with no costs at all.  Perhaps even exponential business growth.”


“Without any increase in our advertising expense we were able to improve our bottom line simply by increasing our ability to convert more quality prospects into customers by 20%.”

Global Distributor

“We made $1 million our first year… $3.7 million the second… and over $5million the third! This business growth framework has been responsible for helping us understand our unique advantage in our market place. With the leadership, sales management and advertising expertise they all played a key role in our company’s quick growth.”


“Our average sales per day around this season was about $1,200, but by implementing only one tactic from the marketing and business growth systems my average sales per day jumped instantly to $2,800. Also, our prospect conversions into customers jumped from 40% to 50% practically overnight.”

Shoe Store Owner

“We were insolvent $90,000 and had filed chapter. Through using ideas like joint venturing, we rapidly grew our practice to 70-80 patients a day, fulfilled our debt obligations and cut our advertising budget by $30,000 a year. We bounced back from bankruptcy in two months!”

Health Centre

“From zero to 40,000 disseminated in 5 weeks! I required a salary seriously. I was 27, had two children and no occupation and my better half was pregnant. By consolidating the ideas of centers furthermore, independently publishing , I could make a regular postal mail promoting magazine. I rapidly sold the greater part of the spots to neighborhood wellbeing related organizations. I made a joint endeavor with a neighborhood daily paper and WHAM! My magazine was out in the city in full shading each of them 40,000. I had a $3,000 every month wage.”

Health and Fitness Magazine

“In a single killer blow, I could just about dispense with Domino’s and Pizza Hut from the business catalog. It was heartless, however it was them or me. These ideas have helped me grow my business to more than 7 delivery areas without any more building space. My pizza sales are up.”

Pizza Store Owner

“We have been counseling for a long time now and since we’ve executed these showcasing marketing strategies into our consulting, we have grown by leaps and bounds quite quickly. Their approach is simple and systematic to the point you wonder why you had not thought of it. Through its implementation we have increased our incomes by over $200,000 in the first year.”

Marketing Consulting Company

“We had been running this one advertisement for three months with a normal return of $75. The promotion costs us $500 per run. By utilizing the procedures I learned at the workshop and with a little help, I revamped my advertisement against the counsel of the daily paper sales representative and ran it for 3 days. I can’t accept what a colossal distinction it made. The outcomes were crazy. I got 90 calls my first day and more than 320 brings over the aggregate three. From that advertisement, I increased 179 new patients and made over $53,000 the principal month. I kept on running it for 6 months and made over $400,000 that year from it.”


“100% expansion in business from only one strategic idea! These ideas and tactics are so simple and unique that you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to implement and benefit from.”


“I have utilized the strategies you shared to generate great success. As a matter of fact, the last 25 clients that I have used your system with have brought in 24 annual contracts! We have also increased our client value by 300% and have turned once discontent clients into strong accounts.”

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