How We Price Our Services

An Illustrative Story


Nikola Tesla visited Henry Ford at his factory, which was having some difficulties. Ford asked Tesla if he could help identify the problem area affecting his production. Tesla walked up to a wall of boilerplates and made a small X in chalk on one of the plates. Ford was thrilled that the solution to his problem was found, and told him to send an invoice.

The bill arrived, for $10,000. Ford asked for a breakdown. Tesla sent another invoice, indicating a $1 charge for marking the wall with an X, and $9,999 for knowing where to put it and how to solve his problem.

* Effort is important, but knowing where to focus your effort makes all the difference


Cost vs Investment


First, working with us is not a “cost” it is an investment, and one that we guarantee will have a positive ROI of value to your organization.

Second, your investment with us is technically zero because we show you, before any investment into our services, exactly where you are currently losing or wasting much more than the required investment to work with us.

Third, instead of giving you an arbitrary investment amount, we base your investment with value based pricing. We calculate what the lifetime value of each customer is worth to your business and then deliver solutions to your company that focuses on attracting more customers, increasing sales and boosting your profits!


How Our Compensation Is Calculated


Your fair compensation investment into our service is based on a small percentage of the lifetime value of the customers to be generated and your desired sales growth. The investment is payable in advance ONLY after we identify on our initial call exactly where you are currently losing or wasting much more than the required investment to work with us.

There is NO contract to lock you into working with us.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We deliver more customers and boost your profits…Guaranteed!

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