Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

To support every great company and ensure they are successful in maximizing their profitability so they can better serve their clients, employees and create a huge impact in their communities.

What We Do To Drive Results

We’re a Profit Management Firm that is able to complement and enhance the results of your current providers or implement new strategic initiatives within your company to maximize your lead generation results, sales conversions, customer loyalty and overall profitability.

Here are areas our team of MBA educated, Fortune 500 experienced Profit Improvement Strategists can implement for you to drive guaranteed results:

Lead Generation

  • We can identify competitor weaknesses, create and formulate multiple competitive advantage positions that puts your company in a stronger position for the business compared to your competitors.
  • We can analyze all your current marketing efforts linked to generating leads and make appropriate improvements to generate better results without needing you to spend more money on advertising.
  • We can enhance the ability of your current ads to stimulate response from quality leads most interested in buying from you.
  • We can optimize the results from your existing ad channels to reduce acquisition cost and increase the volume of leads generated from the same ad spend.
  • We can reduce/eliminate wasted marketing dollars to improve marketing ROI to produce a greater volume of leads to fuel profitability.
  • We can implement programs to stimulate and encourage an increase in the number of referrals likely to purchase your products/services.
  • We can aggressively pursue and form strategic relationships on your behalf that produces and increased flow of new leads.
  • We can actively work to formulate distribution channel relationships to expand lead generation for your products/services.
  • We can work to build upon the authority positioning of your company in the marketplace to establish brand superiority and generate more contact from interested leads.
  • …and much, much more


Prospect-to-Sales Conversions

  • We can create, implement or improve upon your selling processes and methods used to convert leads into customers.
  • We can actively create and implement tools designed to enhance your sales conversion of leads.
  • We can create and implement targeted marketing campaigns designed to systematically stimulate purchases.
  • We can execute customized strategic campaigns specifically created to enhance sales conversions and improve marketing ROI.
  • We can strategically utilize methods to reduce the risk of doing business with in such a way that differentiates you from competitors and further compel leads to make the purchase from you.
  • We can secure methods and resources to fully leverage and optimize your current selling infrastructure/team to improve your sales conversion results.
  • …and much, much more


Average Transaction Value

  • We can implement multiple tactics to encourage customers to spend more money with you.
  • We can identify and formulate premium product/service packages that can be used to generate sales with higher profit margins.
  • We can identify and formulate addon purchase offers to increase your volume of incremental revenues to improve profitability.
  • We can implement active purchase positions that ‘program’ your customers to make repeat purchases from your company.
  • We can identify hidden, revenue producing assets within your customer database and implement strategic initiatives to generate profits from them.
  • We can implement frequent purchase strategies to maximizing market share acquisition and profits during high season, as well as capture some competitor market share during low season.
  • …and much, much more

Are  You Ready To Get Started?

We deliver more customers and boost your profits…Guaranteed!

A simple 10 minute NO obligation, hassle-free call can put you on the path to accelerate sales and profit growth starting today.

Call us at 1-800-997-4345 or email us: sales@mentureme.com to schedule your call!

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